About Us

Welcome to Amiure. We are Design and Development company

About Us

Amiure International Pvt Ltd is a Software & Technology based company, where we provide services and manufacture IT-based products. Amiure is a new powerful initiative in the field of Software & Technology vertical. Our motive is to make all the impossible things happen, just in few seconds by the touch of your fingertip, we`re working to provide you all the services which are being a hurdle for rest of the companies. We`re making these things easy with the help of Technology and our software experts. Since we`ve started working we make it that easy for the users to fulfil their requirements whether they come for a website & mobile application development or for a service-based company. No matter how well fully we`re providing the services how good a product is if it is not in the way how customer or client wanted that, this makes everything useless, with Amiure International Pvt Ltd we stand out everywhere with our Customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Amiure International Pvt. Ltd and its ventures are on a mission to deliver the state of the art services to its clients present across India. We offer top notch IT & ITES services! We provide a wide range of IT services from website development to business productivity solutions. We work in close collaboration with you, and are always approachable for changing requirements or support.


At Amiure, our professional practice is propelled by three virtues: compassion, integrity and deep 360° insights.